About Retro Etch


David Wheeler

Terry Davey’s illustration of the Landrover

(he was the artistic genius behind  those vintage Haynes drawings)

Hi!  I’m Dave, and Retro Etch is born from my love of retro graphic illustration. I’m inspired by the style and design from iconic film billboards, product advertising and especially old technical cutaway diagrams, all of which perfectly embody that place in time.

As a boy I would spend ages analysing the cutaway drawings and technical sketches that were the genetic makeup of the iconic Haynes Manuals. For me, it was the Haynes manual for the Mini, which was a constant travel companion on the back seat of my mum’s temperamental British Leyland model.  I loved those drawings, and looking at them today reminds me of the days she spent ferrying me around in my youth.

I’ve been creating wood engravings for years, but when the opportunity arose to delve into the back catalogue of Haynes Publishing and to reproduce Terry Davey’s (the artistic genius behind the those vintage Haynes drawings) iconic artwork was something really special. 

It was fascinating to see all the illustrations of the cars I had grown up with - the, Mini, the classic Ford Cortina, VW Golf, Triumph Spitfire and many more. All these cars spark fond, nostalgic memories for me, from my family camping holidays in the Cortina to my failed renovation project of an ill-fated Triumph Spitfire that I proudly owned but never drove! No doubt you have your own memories of the cars you grew up with.

Retro Etch has given me an exciting opportunity to revisit those memories, and I hope it brings the same joy back for you. I want to help others dust off old memories and hang them proudly on the wall where they can be truly appreciated as the amazing pieces of art that they are.

I hope you have as much fun looking through the website and my ever-expanding online gallery as I have had reproducing these iconic images. If you see anything you like simply click on the image to place an order and we will be delighted to provide you with a beautifully engraved piece of wall art in a size that suits you. 

Retro Etch produces all the wall art in our own workshop, just a few miles up the road from Haynes itself.

Retro Etch is an official licensee of JH Haynes & Co. Ltd.

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