How's it done


We use the process of laser engraving to etch your favourite illustrations directly into the surface of high-quality Birch ply wood. The use of this laser technology produces an incredible level of intricate detail and is artistically enhanced by the variations of the wood’s natural grain.

The result is a piece of art that is not only unique and beautifully distinctive, but your engravings will stand the test of time, just like these wonderful illustrations themselves.



For us here at Retro Etch quality is paramount throughout the whole process. We only use responsibly sourced materials of the highest quality, our birch ply is of the finest grade and FSC approved.

Each of your engravings will be etched on quality  birch ply, totaling a depth of 15mm on our premium range and 6mm on or standard options.



Each Retro Etch engraving is hand finished with premium varnish to ensure a lifetime of beauty and distinction on your wall.


Each wall hanging is pre-fitted with a single, rebated heavy duty mount. This type of mount enables quick and simple hanging, flush to your wall with no complicated tools required.

We strongly recommend that the wall hanging is securely fixed to your wall with a wall fixing appropriate to the type of wall you intend to hang the engraving, if in doubt seek professional assistance. We take no responsibility for inappropriate wall hanging.